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Smith, G. / The laboratory; or, School of arts: containing a large collection of valuable secrets, experiments, and manual operations in arts and manufactures, highly useful to gilders, jewellers, enamellers, goldsmiths, dyers, cutlers, pewterers, joiners, japanners, book-binders, plasterers, artists, and to the workers in metals in general; and in plaster of paris, wood, ivory, bone, horn, and other materials
Sixth edition, with a great number of additional receipts, corrections, and amendments; a complete treatise on fire-works, and the art of short-hand writing, Vol. II (1799)

Part XI. Cursory observations on painting and painters; sculpture; engraving and etching,   pp. 313-329

Page 313

                   PART XI.
                   AND ETCHING.
ALTHOUGH in a former part of this work we have
,LX treated more particularly of the several methods of
painting, yet it may not be improper to collect a few cur-
soy observations, to assist the young student in the know-
ledge he should possess of the superior masters, and their
  In a work of this kind, the most that can be effected is,
to lead him into the inquiry, and give him an inclination
to pursue it experimentally  .
  Oil paintings are done with colours ground in oil; first
brought to light in 1410, by John Van Eyck, in Flanders.
One of the best hooks on this subject is " PilMington's Dic-
tio ar of Painters, &c."-To which may be added " Richardson on
Paiting," Ed.

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