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The journal of design and manufactures
Vol. I (1849)

Table talk,   pp. 69-71

Page 69

on one occasion, at the annual exposition 
at Somerset House, hearing a very ele- 
gant design for chintz condemned by a 
manufeturer, it being a total impossi- 
bility to produce it in the proposed fabric, 
although he admired it exceedingly. And 
so it is with every other branch of manu- 
facture. I must leave the remedy for 
these evils to be pointed out by those 
who are better able to suggest them, but 
who may not be so well aware of their 
existence as          A LATE PUPIL." 
In so far as the ART-UNIONS DIS- 
bronzes, porcelain and cast-iron statuettes, 
medals, &c. to their subscribers, they may 
fairly be considered as Institutions pro- 
moting Design; and we shall notice their 
proceedings of this character, Thus the 
works of manufactured art which the 
ART-UNION OF LONDON has offered to 
its Subscribers have been:- 
Bronze Casts.--" Michael and Satan," 
WE are glad to hear that the Society of 
Arts have nominated a Special Committee 
to investigate the LAws BEARING ON ARTS 
AND MANUFACTURES :-it will be a 
most useful work if executed properly, and 
in co-operation with manufacturers, who 
are better qualified than lawyers to tell 
where the shoe pinches, as the former wear 
it.  Dr. Swiney left a bequest to the 
Society of Arts on the condition that once 
in five years the Society, in connexion with 
the College of Physicians, should present 
one hundred sovereigns in a silver goblet, 
worth a hundred sovereigns, to the author 
of the best published treatise on Juris- 
prudence. The first award has just been 
made to Dr. Paris and Mr. Fonblanque, 
authors of a work on Medical Jurispru- 
dence; and we understand that it is in- 
tended that the next prize shall be given 
to the best published treatise on the 
Jurisprudence affecting ARTS AND MANU- 
It is stated that a fine stratum of clay 
suitable for TERRA COTTA has been laid 
open in the grounds of the Queen's pri- 
vate residence at Osborne, and that some 
works are likely to be made in it. 
Manufacturers will have a large public 
to admire any works they may send to 
the Birmingham Exhibition of Manufac- 
tures. At the same period there will be 
the attraction of an Exhibition of Modern 
Works of Art, under the auspices of the 
Society of Arts there. There will be the 
Triennial Musical Festival, and the Brit- 
ish Association visits the town. 
from a model by T. Thorneycroft, after 
Porcelain Statuettes.-" Narcissus," by 
Copeland and Garrett, from a reduced 
model, by E. B. Stephens, after J. Gibson, 
R.A.; "Innocence," by W. T. Copeland, 
from a reduced model by B. Cheverton, 
after J. H. Foley; "The Dancing Girl 
reposing," by W. T. Copeland, from a 
reduced model by B. Cheverton, after W. 
C. Marshall, A.R.A. 
The works in progress are. a Cast-Iron 
Slatuette, " Thalia," from  a reduced 
model by S. Nixon, after the Original in 
the British Museum. Medals of Wren 
and Flaxman, by W. Wyon, R.A. 
Some improvements, it is stated in the 
Nottingham Ree-iew, have been recently 
introduced in the manufacture of twist 
lace for a perpetual warp, upon the prin- 
ciple of each thread's independence. We 
learn that it can be regnated in the short- 
est space of time, and will work well and 
answer for throwing in colours of any de- 
scription. The plan is considered, for its 
simplicity and safeness, superior to any in 
the trade, and may be applied to all ma- 
chinery making net, with this advantage- 
the pieces can be made double the length 
they now are with the same winding of the 
bobbins, the saving of the thread, and 
many other advantages, which are not 
We are pleased to hear that Messrs. 
Broadhead and Atkin obtained, on the 
19th instant, a conviction under the 
Copyright of Designs Ac for a fraudulent 
It is said on all sides that the REGIS- 
in stopping the wholesale piracy of patterns 
which used formerly to be carried on by 
low-class manufacturers. A cotton-printer 
told us that, before the passing of the Act, 
he has brought out a good new pattern on 
Monday, and before Saturday following he 
has seen sixty milk-and-water piratical 
plagiarisms of it. 
We hear that PRINCE ALBERT has or- 
dered Messrs. Minton and Co. to pave 
certain parts of her Majesty's private resi- 
dence at Osborne with their MosAics and 
Zablt Talh. 

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