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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. XVII: of action,   pp. 138-153

Page 138

138            ANALYSIS of BEAUTY. 
'Filg. 74 woman, fig. *, taken from one of the beft pitures An2 
nibal Carrache ever painted. 
Of AC            O 1I0N. 
T  0 the amazing variety of forms made fill infinitely 
more various in appearance by light, ifhade and co- 
lour, nature hath added another way of increafing that 
variety, flill more to enhance the value of all her com- 
pofitions. This is accomplifhed by means of adion ; 
the fulleft difplay of which is put into the power of 
the human fpecies, and which is equally fubje&t to the 
fame principles with regard to the effe&s of beauty, or 
the reverfe, as govern all the former compofitions; as 
is partly feen in chapter XI. on proportion. My bu- 
finefs here fhall be, in as concife a manner as poffible, 
to particularife the application of thefe principles to the 
movement of the body, and therewith finifh this fyjiem 
of variety in forms and adions. 
There is no one but would wifh to have it in his 
power to be genteel and graceful in the carriage of his 
perfon, could it be attained with little trouble and ex- 
pence of time. The ufual methods relied on for this 
purpofe among well-bred people, takes up a confider- 
able part of their time: nay even thofe of the firit rank 
have no other recourfe in thefe matters, than to dancing- 
moaiers, and fencing-maiters: dancing and fencing are 

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