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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. XVI: of attitude,   pp. 135-138

Page 135

C H A P. XVI. 
Of A77rIr7 UDE. 
S U C H difpofitions of the body and limbs as appear 
moft graceful when feen at reft, depend upon 
gentle winding contrafis, mofily govern'd by the precife 
ferpentine line, which in attitudes of authority, are more 
extended and fpreading than ordinary, but reduced 
fomewhat below the medium of grace, in thofe of neg- 
ligence and eafe: and as much exaggerated in infolent 
and proud carriage, or in diflortions of pain (fee figure 
9, plate i.) as leffen'd and contra&ed into plain and 
parallel lines, to exprefs meannefs, aukwardnefs, and 
The general idea of an a&ion, as well as of an 
attitude, may be given with a pencil in very few lines. 
It is eafy to conceive that the attitude of a perfon upon 
the crofs, may be fully fignified by the two ftraight 
lines of the crofs; fo the extended manner of St. An- 
drew's crucifixion is wholly underftood by the X-like 
Thus, as two or three lines at firfi are fufficient to 
fIhw the intention of an attitude, I will take this op- 
pc unity of prefenting my reader (who may have been 
i ouble of following me thus far) with the lketch 
,,untry-dance, in the manner I began to fet out 
,n; in oider to fhew how few lines are necef- 

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