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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. XI: of proportion,   pp. 67-92

Page 67

And what fufficient reafon can be given why the 
fame may not be faid of the reft of the body ? 
I F any one fhould afk, what it is that conflitutes a 
fine-proportion'd human figure? how ready and 
feemingly decifive is the common anfwer: a jufjfym- 
metry and harmony of parts with refpet1 to the whole. 
But as probably this vague anfwer took its rife from 
dotrines not belonging to form, or idle fchemes built 
on them, I apprehend it will ceafe to be thought much 
to the purpofe after a proper enquiry has been made. 
Preparatory to which, it becomes neceffary in this 
place, to mention one reafon more which may be added 
to thofe given in the introdudion, for my having per- 
fuaded the reader to confider objets fcoop'd out like 
thin fhells ; which is, that partly by this conception, he 
may be the better able to feparate and keep afunder 
the two following general ideas, as we will call them, 
belonging to form; which are apt to coincide and mix 
with each other in the mind, and which it is neceffary 
(for the fake of making each more fully and particu- 
larly clear) fhould be kept apart, and confider'd fingly. 
Firft, the general idea of what hath already been dif- 
cuffed in the foregoing chapters, which only compre- 
hends the furface of form, viewing it in no other light 
than merely as being ornamental or not. 
K  2               Secondly, 

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