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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. X: of compositions with the serpentine-line,   pp. 50-67

Page 50

50           ANALYSIS of BEAUTY. 
reafons for which dfagreeable effe&s, after what has been 
already faid, will be evident to the meaneft capacity. 
It may be worth our notice however, that the flay, 
number 2, would better fit a well-fhaped man than 
number 4; and that number 4., would better fit a well- 
form'd woman, than number 2; and when on confider- 
ing them, merely as to their forms, and comparing them 
together as you would do two vafes, it has been fhewn 
by our principles, how much finer and more beautiful 
number 4 is, than number 2: does not this our deter- 
mination enhance the merit of thefe principles, as it 
proves at the fame time how much the form of a wo- 
man's body furpaffes in beauty that of a man? 
From the examples that have been given, enough 
may be gathered to carry on our obfervations from them 
to any other objeds that may chance to come in our 
way, either animate or inanimate; fo that we may not 
only lineally account for the uglinefs of the toad, the 
hog, the bear and the fpider, which are totally void of 
this waving-line, but alfo for the different degrees of 
beauty belonging to thofe obje6ts that poffefs it. 
CHAP.        X. 
T   HE very great difficulty there is in defcribing this 
line, either in words, or by the pencil (as was hinted 
before, when I firft mention'd it) will make it neceffary 

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