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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. V: of intricacy,   pp. 24-29

Page 24

CHAP.         V. 
T     H E a&ive mind is ever bent to be employ'd. Pur- 
fuing is the bufinefs of our lives; and even ab- 
ffira&ed from any other view, gives pleafure. Every 
arifing difficulty, that for a while attends and interrupts 
the purfuit, gives a fort of fpring to the mind, enhances 
the pleafure, and makes what would elfe be toil and 
labour, become fport and recreation. 
Wherein would confifi the joys of hunting, Ihooting, 
fifhing, and many other favourite diverfions, without 
the frequent turns and difficulties, and difappointments, 
that are daily met with in the purfuit? ---- how joylefs 
does the fportfman return when the hare has not had 
fair play? how lively, and in fpirits, even when an old 
cunning one has baffled, and out-run the dogs! 
This love of purfuit, merely as purfuit, is implanted 
in our natures, and defign'd, no doubt, for neceffary, 
and ufeful purpofes. Animals have it evidently by in- 
ftin&t. The hound diflikes the game he fo eagerly pur- 
fues; and even cats will rilk the lofing of their prey to 
chafe it over again. It is a pleafmg labour of the mind 
to folve the moft difficult problems; allegories and 
riddles, trifling as they are, afford the mind amufe- 
ment: and with what delight does it follow the well- 
conne&ed thread of a play, or novel, which ever in- 

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