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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. III: of uniformity, regularity, or symmetry,   pp. 18-20

Page 18

I C  H A  P   III.1- 
T may be imagined that the greateft part 6f the ef- 
feds of beauty tefults from  the fymmrietry of parts 
in the obje(t, which is beautiful: but I am very well 
perfuaded, this prevailing notion will foon appear to 
have little or no foundation. 
k 'may indeed have properties of gteater cotnequenee, 
fuch as propriety, fitnefs, and ufe; and yet but little 
ferve the putpofes of pleafing the eye, merely on the 
fcore of beauty. 
We have, indeed, in or nature a love of imitation 
'from our infancy, and the -eye is often entertained, as 
well as furprifed, with mimicry, and delighted with 
the exa6ftnefs of counterparts : but then this alwayg 
gives way to its fuperior love of variety, and foon grows 
If the uniformity of figures, parts, or lines were truly 
the chief caufe of beauty, the more exa&ly unifotm 
their appearances were kept, the more pleafure the eye 
would receive: but this is fo far from being the cafe, 
that when the mind has been once fatisfied, that the 
parts anfwer one another, with fo exa& an uniformity, 
as to preferve to the whole the charader of itnefs to 
fRand, to move, to fink, to fwim, to fly, &c. without 
lofing the balance : the eye is rejoiced to fee the objed 

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