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Wharton, Edith (1862-1937); Codman Jr., Ogden (1863-1951) / The decoration of houses

Index,   pp. 199-204

Page 199

Adam, ceiling ornaments of, 93
Andirons, 84
Appliques, in hall and staircase, 119
Araldi's ceiling in the convent of St. Paul,
  Parma, 97
Architrave of  door, see Doorway; of
  mantel-piece, 82
Arm-chair, modern, 128
Artnoire-s, old French and Italian, 117
Ashby, Castle, Inigo Jones's stairs in, in
Aviler, d', his description of dining-room
  fountain, 158
Ball-room, 137; in Italy, 138; Louis XIV,
  139; lighting of, i~o; chairs, 140
Barry, Madame du, dining-room of, 156
Bath-room, 172; in Pitti Palace, 172
Bedroom, development of, 162; Renais-
  sance, 162; Louis XIV, 162; XVIII-
  century, 163; cotton hangings in, i64;
  suite, plan of~ 169; children's, 182
Bedstead, history of, :6;
Belv~d~re, at Versailles, frescoes in, 42
B&ain, ceiling arabesques of, 98
Bergt~re, origin of, 7; design of, 128
Bernini, his staircase in the Vatican, io8
Bindings, decorative value of, 146
Blinds, 73
Blois, spiral stairs in court-yard of ch~-
  teau, 109; cabinet of Catherine de'
  Medici, 123
Blondel, on doors, 58; on fireplaces, 74
Book-cases, medieval, 145; in Catherine
  de' Medici's cabinet, ~4~; in France in
   the XVII century, 146; built into the
   wall, i47; in England, 149; modern,
  Books in the middle ages, 145  in the
   Renaissance, 146
  Bosse, Abraham, engravings of Louis
   XIII interiors, 69; examples of state
   bedrooms, 123
  Boudoir, 130; modern decoration of, 170
  Brain ante, his use of the mezzanin floor, 5
  Breakfast-room,  6o
  Bric-A-brac, definition of, 184; knowledge
   of, 187; superiority of old over new,
  Burckhardt, on medieval house-planning,
   107, note
  Byfield,   , his stairs at Hurlingham, iii
  Cabinet, Italian origin of, 123; used in
   French Renaissance houses,   123; of
   Catherine de' Medici, book-cases in,
  Campbell's Vitruvius Britannicus, ex-
   ample of Palladian manner, 4; of Eng-
   lish house-planning, 135
  Carpets,  in general color-scheme, 29;
   choice of   too; Savonnerie, ioo; de-
   signs of, ioi; stair-carpets, 102, 1:8;
  Caserta, staircase in royal palace, 108
  Casino del Grotto, near Mantua, frescoes
   in, 42; ceilings in, 98
  Casts in vestibule, :o~; in hail, n8; in
   school-room, 178

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