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Wharton, Edith (1862-1937); Codman Jr., Ogden (1863-1951) / The decoration of houses

XV: the school-room and nurseries,   pp. 173-183

Page 173

ONE of the most important and interesting problems in the
     planning and decoration of a house is that which has to do
with the arrangement of the children's rooms.
 There is, of course, little opportunity for actual decoration in
school-room or nursery; and it is only by stretching a point that
a book dealing merely with the practical application of ~esthetics
may be made to include a chapter bordering on pedagogy.      It
must be remembered, however, that any application of principles
presupposes some acquaintance with the principles themselves;
and from this standpoint there is a certain relevance in studying
the means by which the child's surroundings may be made to
develop his sense of beauty.
 The room where the child's lessons are studied is, in more
senses than one, that in which he receives his education.  His
whole view of what he is set to learn, and of the necessity and
advantage of learning anything at all, is tinged, more often than
people think, by the appearance of the room in which his study-
ing is done.  The ~sthetic sensibilities wake early in some chil-
dren, and these, if able to analyze their emotions, could testify to
what suffering they have been subjected by the habit of sending
to school-room and nurseries whatever furniture is too ugly or
threadbare to be used in any other part of the house.

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