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Bowles, Carrington, 1724-1793 / Bowles's florist : containing sixty plates of beautiful flowers, regularly disposed in their succession of blowing : to which is added an accurate description of their colours with instructions for drawing and painting them according to nature : being a new work intended for the use and amusement of gentlemen and ladies delighting in that art

Instructions for colouring,   pp. 7-20

Page 7

F 0R 
       HYACINTH.              anuary. PLAE 1. 
1CJOKKAYACINTHS are Blue, or White; others areWhite,, 
        with a f     gef    Crinfon  TheBlue ones are 
    S      begn with Bice, Ihadow'  with Pru*lan Blue, and 
           finifi with Indico. The lgt Parts may be work- 
           ed at Difcretion, either leaving the  ,and by 
           neatly fhaing with Bice, or by laying it all over and 
heightening with White. The White Hyacinths may be coloured. 
in the fame Manner as the White LilIy. For thofe with a Blufh 
of Crimfon, a faint Tinge of Carmine muft be tenderlywafhed . 
over, and finiihing as dire&ed for the White ones. If Ultra- 
marine is tld inftead of the Bice, it will make the Work appear 
more delicate, The Stalk and Leaves are a bluifh Green, done 
with the fame Mixture as the DL. 
     C YC LA       M  E N. 7anuary. PLATE IL 
TinHS Floweris a pu  lifh Red. Its Stalk is reddn at the 
    Bottom, and whitih upwards. The Leaves are a deep, 
Green on the upper Side, and a reddilh Purple underneath. 
      C R 0 W    F 0 0 T. 7aary. PLATE Ill.. 
'   H E Flower is Yellow; the Stalks a whitih Green, tinged 
with Red towards the Bottomi  the Leaves aifo a very paie 

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