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Barber, Edwin Atlee, 1851-1916 / Anglo-American pottery; old English china with American views, a manual for collectors

Enoch Wood,   pp. [23]-34

Page [23]

One of the earliest of the Staffordshire potters to manufac-
tare dark-blue printed ware for American consumption was
Enoch Vood, sometimes called the Father of English Pottery.
Although lie was one of the most progressive and prominent
craft smen aiong his contemporaries, we find but scant allusion
to his career in ceramic literature. Mr. Llewellynn Jewitt, in
his "Ceraniic Art of Great Britain," furnishes but meager in-
foriattion on this point, but states that Wood was a good prac-
iical potter and modeler and thtat in 1781 he executed a bust
of John Wesley, who was frequently a visitor at the former's
ho use. This aipparent neglect of one of England's most active
potters imay he explained by the fact that he turned his atten-
tion largely to the foreign trade, for which reason the evidences
fI his enterprise are more abnini t in this country thin in his
oiwn. Crtiin it is t ha t no other English potter of his genera-
tion paid so imuch attention to the American miarket, as is
proved by the great vainety of engraved desigins which have
been found here bearing his na me and mark. Indeed, there Is
strong reason for believing that imuch of the unmarked dark-
ltue wnare bearing American devices enime also froim his estab-
lishinient. These, however, cannot be positively attributed to
him, though the peculiarities of the engraving would point to

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