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Barber, Edwin Atlee, 1851-1916 / Anglo-American pottery; old English china with American views, a manual for collectors

Preface,   pp. [5]-[8]

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A    ' THE SOLICITATION of numerous collectors of old
English china bearing American views, a series of illus-
trated papers was recently prepared by the writer and
published in The Clay-Worker, of Indianapolis, Ind. In
the introductory chapter nothing but a brief review of the
earlier Liverpool designs was attempted, for the reasons there
stated and because of the scarcity of such pieces at this late
day. The main purpose of the compiler was to present as
complete a list of the later Staffordshire designs in dark blue
and other colors as possible, so classified that the productions
of each potter should be grouped together, whereby the iden-
tification of unmarked pieces might be facilitated to some ex-
tent by means of common border devices. It was not deemed
necessary to present detailed descriptions of views for the
reason that they would not be required by collectors who pos-
sessed examples of china bearing the designs described, nor
carry definite meaning to those who did not.
The need of a pocket manual of such china, compact in ar-
rangement and convenient for ready reference, has long been
felt. These lists have, therefore, been revised, enlarged and
republished in a form suitable for collectors and others inter-
ested in the subject. The numbering of the American designs,
the border patterns and pitcher types will afford a convenient

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