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Avery, Clara Louise, 1891-; Clearwater, Alphonso Trumpbour, 1848-1933; Halsey, R.T.H. / American silver of the XVII & XVIII centuries : a study based on the Clearwater collection

The Clearwater Collection: third period : about 1730 to 1775,   pp. 60-114

Page 60

ABOUT 1730 TO 1775
Rococo                   HE plainer styles of the time of Queen
Designs             x    Anne did not outlast the reign of her
Brought    I
B h   successor, George I. The revocation of
England                  the high standard for silver in 1720,
from                     combined with the influx of Huguenot
Europe                   craftsmen from  France at this period,
brought about the introduction into
England of the so-called rococo style, then in vogue in
northwestern Europe and particularly in France where it
had originated from the Louis XIV style. This desire for
more ornate decoration was dominant in England from
about 1725 to 1763 when a counter-change gradually came
about. The term rococo probably originated in rocail',
the French word for therock-work which isso characteristic
a feature of the decoration. The shapes are generally
made up of curves, tending toward lightness of effect.
The ornament consists of a combination of rock-work,
shells, fantastic scrolls, leaf-work, escutcheons, and dia-
pered or reticulated reserves, dainty and fanciful when
employed in moderation, heavy and grotesque when too
lavishly applied, as in some of the later and degenerate

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