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Wilson, Alexander, 1766-1813. / American ornithology; or The natural history of the birds of the United States
Vol. III (1829)

Genus 72. Scolopax. Snipe. Species 1. Scolopax fedoa. Great marbled godwit,   pp. [102]-103

Page [102]

        SPE CIES 1. SC OL OPdX FIED Od.
             [Plate LVI.-Fig. 4.-Female.]
1Arct. Zool. p. 456, ,Mn. 371.-La Barge rousse de Baie de Hudson,
        BUFF. VII, 507.--PEALE'S Museum, XMo. 4019.t
  THIS is another transient visitant of our seacoasts in spring
and autumn, to and from its breeding place in the north. Our
gunners call it the Straight-billed Curlew, and sometimes the
Red Curlew. T It is a shy, cautious, and watchful bird; yet so
strongly are they attached to each other, that on wounding one
in a flock, the rest are immediately arrested in their flight, mak-
ing so many circuits over the spot where it lies fluttering and
screaming, that the sportsman often makes great destruction
among them. Like the Curlew, they may also be enticed with-
in shot, by imitating their call or whistle; but can seldom be
approached without some such manceuvre. They are much less
numerous than the Short-billed Curlews, with whom, however,
they not unfrequently associate. They are found among the
salt marshes in May, and for some time in June, and also on
their return in October and November; at which last season
they are usually fat, and in high esteem for the table.
  The female of this bird having been described by several
writers as a distinct species from the male, it has been thought
proper to figure the former; the chief difference consists in the
  * This bird belongs to the genus Limosa of Brisson.
  t Scolopax Fedoa, LiNN. Syst. cd. 10,--p. 14G, XMo. R. S. hmanastica? Id.
p. 147X
.o. 14.-EDWARDS, pI. 137, 138.-Limosa rufa, Bniss. v, p. 281, pi. 25, fig.
   It is better known under the name of Jertine,

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