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Wilson, Alexander, 1766-1813. / American ornithology; or The natural history of the birds of the United States
Vol. II (1828)

Species 12. Fringilla caudacuta. Sharp-tailed finch,   pp. [249]-250

Page [249]

                SHARP-TAILED FINCH.
                [Plate XXXIV.-Fig. 3.]
Sharp-tailed Oriole, LATH. Gen. Syn. iI, p. 448, pl. XVII.-
                PEALE'S Museum, .No. 6442.
  A BIRD of this denomination is described byTurton, Syst. p.
562, but which by no means agrees with the present. This how-
ever, may be the fault of the describer, as it is said to be a bird
of Georgia; unwilling, therefore, to multiply names unneces-
sarily, I have adopted his appellation. In some future part of the
work I shall settle this matter with more precision.
  This new (as I apprehend it) and beautiful species as an asso-
ciate of the former, inhabits the same places, lives on the same
food; and resembles it so much in manners, that but for their
dissimilarity in some essential particulars, I would be disposed to
consider them as the same in a different state of plumage. They
are much less numerous than the preceding, and do not run
with equal celerity.
  The Sharp-tailed Finch is five inches and a quarter long,
and seven inches and a quarter in extent; bill dusky; auriculars
ash; from the bill over the eye, and also below it, run two broad
stripes of brownish orange; chin whitish; breast pale buff, marked
with small pointed spots of black; belly white; vent reddish
buff; from the base of the upper mandible a broad stripe of pale
ash runs along the crown and hind head, bordered on each side
by one of blackish brown; back a yellowish brown olive, some
of the feathers curiously edged with semicircles of white; sides
under the wings buff, spotted with black; wing coverts and ter-
tials black, broadly edged with light reddish buff; tail cuneiform,
  VOL. 1T.-I i

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