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American ornithology; or The natural history of the birds of the United States


Wilson, Alexander, 1766-1813.
American ornithology; or The natural history of the birds of the United States
Vol. I
New York, New York: Collins & Co., 1828
cxcix, 230 pages ; 26 cm

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[Title page], pp. [i]-[ii]

Contents of vol. I, pp. [iii]-iv

Editor's preface, pp. [v]-vi

Preface to the life of Wilson, pp. [vii]-viii

Sketch of the author's life, pp. [ix]-cxcix ff.

Introduction, pp. [1]-11 ff.

Div. I. Aves terrestres. Land birds. Order I. Accipitres. Rapacious. Genus I. Vultur. Vultures. Species I. V. Aura. Turkey vulture or turkey-buzzard, pp. [13]-19

Species 2. Vultur jota. Black vulture, or carrion-crow, pp. [20]-29

Genus 2. Falco. Falcons. Species I. F. Peregrinus. Great-footed hawk, pp. [30]-37

Species 2. Falco sparverius. American sparrow hawk, pp. [38]-41

Falco sparverius. American sparrow hawk, pp. [42]-43

Species 3. Falco columbarius. Pigeon hawk, pp. [44]-45

Species 4. Falco leucocephalus. White-headed or bald eagle, pp. [46]-56

Falco ossifragus. Sea eagle, pp. [57]-63

Species 5. Falco fulvus. Ring-tail eagle, pp. [64]-66

Species 6. Falco haliætus. Fish-hawk, or osprey, pp. [67]-79

Species 7. Falco atricapillus. Ash-coloured, or black-cap hawk, pp. [80]-81

Species 8. Falco borealis. Red-tailed hawk, pp. [82]-84

Falco leverianus? American buzzard, pp. [85]-86

Species 9. Falco pennsylvanicus. Slate-coloured hawk, pp. [87]-88

Falco velox. Sharp-shinned hawk, pp. [89]-91

Species 10. Falco pennsylvanicus. Broad-winged hawk, pp. [92]-94

Species 11. Falco furcatus. Swallow-tailed hawk, pp. [95]-97

Species 12. Falco mississippiensis. Mississippi kite, pp. [98]-100

Species 13. Falco lagopus. Rough-legged falcon, pp. [101]-102

Species 14. Falco niger. Black hawk, pp. [103]-104

Black hawk. - (Variety.), pp. [105]-106

Species 16. Falco hyemalis. Winter falcon, pp. [107]-108

Falco lineatus. Red-shouldered hawk, pp. [109]-110

Species 16. Falco uliginosus. Marsh hawk, pp. [111]-113

Genus 3. Strix. Owl. Species 1. Strix nyctea. Snow owl, pp. [114]-117

Species 2. Strix hudsonia. Hawk owl, pp. [118]-120

Species 3. Strix nebulosa. Barred owl, pp. [121]-123

Species 4. Strix flammea. White, or barn owl, pp. [124]-128

Species 5. Strix passerina. Little owl, pp. [129]-130

Species 6. Strix brachyotos. Short-eared owl, pp. [131]-132

Species 7. Strix virginiana. Great horned-owl, pp. [133]-137

Species 8. Strix otus. Long-eared owl, pp. [138]-139

Species 9. Strix nævia. Mottled owl, pp. [140]-142

Strix asio. Red owl, pp. [143]-144

Order II. Picæ. Pies. Genus 4. Lanius. Shrike. Species 1. Lanius excubitor? Great American shrike, or butcher-bird, pp. [145]-150

Species 2. Lanius carolinensis. Loggerhead shrike, pp. [151]-152

Genus 5. Psittacus. Parrot. P. Carolinensis. Carolina parrot, pp. [153]-163

Genus 13. Corvus. Crow. Species 1. C. corax. Raven, pp. [164]-170

Species 2. Corvus corone. Crow, pp. [171]-179

Species 3. Corvus columbianus. Clark's Crow, pp. [180]-181

Species 4. Corvus ossifragus. Fish-crow, pp. [182]-184

Species 5. Corvus pica. Magpie, pp. [185]-188

Species 6. Corvus cristatus. Blue jay, pp. [189]-197

Species 7. Corvus canadensis. Canada jay, pp. [198]-200

Genus 15. Oriolus. Species 1. Oriolus baltimorus. Baltimore oriole, pp. [201]-206

Oriolus baltimorus. Baltimore oriole, pp. [207]-208

Species 2. Oriolus mutatus. Orchard oriole, pp. [209]-218

Genus 16. Gracula. Grakle [sic]. Species 1. Gracula ferruginea. Rusty grakle, pp. [219]-221

Species 2. Gracula quiscala. Purple grakle [sic], pp. [222]-227

Genus 20. Cuculus cuckoo. Species 1. Cuculus carolinensis. Yellow-billed cuckoo, pp. [228]-230

Species 2. Cuculus erythrophthalmus. Black-billed cuckoo


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