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Barton, John Rector, 1897- / Rural artists of Wisconsin

Alice Weber: Green Bay. When the light comes,   pp. 165-169 ff.

Page 167

more in air and water. Earth, sky, air, and water are
the recurrent themes in most of her painting. Curry
showed her how these elements become uniquely inter-
related when the light ties them together. Mrs. Weber
will sometimes watch a scene for days until the light
tmf   tro Ahlrwi"fA the ni, nn..t fef a
proven a handicap as well as a help. She has developed
almost too many skills to master the one. She is a com-
petent housekeeper and cook, enthusiastic gardener
and seamstress. She can fix a pair of shoes and make a
bird house. She is a member of the Wisconsin Ornitho-
landscape which has caught her eye.
Then she will paint it all day, if she
can find the time. The light must not
be too bright, as in brilliant sunshine,
and yet not dark, as in an overcast sky.
  Alice Weber met Curry in 1941 at
the Y.M.C.A. building in Green BaN.
The county agent, James Kavenaugh,
had organized for Brown County a
rural art exhibit, and a dozen or so
people had brought their work for
Curry's appraisal and criticism. It
was a time of inspiration to Alice
Weber who said "We were just crawl-
ing out of our shells. Curry told us
what was good and what was bad with
our pictures. We couldn't absorb all
of it then, but he encouraged us to
  Another lesson Mrs. Weber has
learned is that it takes much time to
hpen anFo naintPr_ Andg here the in.
genuity acquired on the farm has
HEAD OF SWINE, oil painting by Alice Weber

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