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Kamarck, Edward (ed.) / Arts in society: the arts and the black revolution II

Malpede, Karen
Notes and discussions: off off Broadway: the effort to create a contemporary theatre,   pp. [522]-529 PDF (8.0 MB)

Page 529

play for viewing is most often to spend
a dull evening in the theater. Yet, the best
of OOB is continually finding its way to
larger audiences here and abroad who
are impressed by what they see.
in Circles, Tom Paine, Futz and The Indian
Wants the Bronx by La MaMa playwright
Israel Horovitz, have been well received
when transported to off-Broadway
playhouses this past season. The Open
Theater is recognized by many as one of
the most creative groups in this country.
The La MaMa Troupe is carving a new style
based not on American method acting
but on quick changes of emotion produced
through external stimuli.
The majority of OOB plays are simply
not very good. The best are building a new
American theater. Evidence of the vitality
of this theater is found in its courage
to face sex, drugs, violence, and the
hypocrisy of American life, and in the
efforts of playwrights, directors and actors
to achieve ensemble playing. Off Off
Broadway is not only a reflection of
but must be considered an integral part
of the intellectual and social revolution
happening in this country. Born out of rage
against false commercial values, it is
fully attuned to the spirit of this revolution.
Dear Editor:
What in men's sana
among the polished pissoirs
in America
are we doing
to Robert Lowell and
idealing out kudos
Richard Wilbur and     and
publishing inhumerable
little magazine compartments
chapless      sic
for transient       poems    in the
great tradition of Thomas Bailey Eldrich
and other armless hueynonnymuses
whereas no academy cuss
has so far for a doctorate
or probely read
nor knows that these exist:
Bucky Fuller's Untitled Epic on Industrialization
Kenneth Burke's Collected Poems 1915-1967
The rest is silence
educational materials
These exist.
Ugherrant Reader
If Off Off Broadway writers fail much more
often than they succeed, if they often
exploit rather than perfect their vision,
they have at least faced the problem of
reality in our time. That is why their
theater will be heard.

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