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Kamarck, Edward (ed.) / Arts in society: the arts and the black revolution

Hoover, Richard
Book reviews: usufruct,   pp. 344-[347] PDF (3.0 MB)

Page 346

346      leadership of David Rockefeller, a national
advisory organization involving about
80 top corporate officers, has been
formed to spur increased business
support to the arts. Called the
Business Committee of the Arts, this
organization, in operation since January
1968, is being chaired by Douglas
Dillon, former secretary of the Treasury
and present President of the United
States and Foreign Securities
The committee serves in a strictly
advisory capacity; it suggests ways in
which corporations can assist the
arts but it is not a grant-giving
organization itself. Five working
objectives of the committee are:
"to research information on support
of the arts for the business community."
"to counsel corporations interested
in aiding the arts."
"to develop a nationwide public
information program to inform
corporations of new opportunities for
support of the arts and to inform
the artistic community of what
corporations are doing in the field."
"to assist cultural organizations in
presentations to corporations and
encourage participation by business men
in arts groups."
"to represent business in cooperative
endeavors with arts organizations and
governmental arts agencies."
The committee's headquarters are at
1270 Avenue of the Americas, New
York City.

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