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Kamarck, Edward (ed.) / Arts in society: the arts of activism

Plymell, Charles
Part I: Paris, May, 1968: [in Paris],   pp. 331-333 PDF (2.4 MB)

Page 332

Charles Plymell is a poet and teamster
living in San Francisco. APOCALYPSE ROSE
-his first book of poems in which Allen
Ginsberg heard the "unearthly hum of
a tornado of consciousness" -was
published by Dave Haselwood in 1966.
In Paris the black and red
flags fly from the Sorbonne.
In Paris the workers and the students unite,
and I look for a precedent of world revolution -
find out the Communists
are bourgeois pigs.
And General De Gaulle told the people
that the shit-in-the-beds would get 'em-
cut out and let them
flounder in a political vacuum
until they would burn their own cars
332                                       and cry for a leader.
His warped experience and southern C.R.S.
superior to the
sling-shots of cerebral students
while Communists jack-off the Frenchmen.
Charges begin at two o'clock a.m.
The delicate shops intact,
by lunchtime the stones
are in place in the street,
the cars hauled off,
gas in the air, the Frenchman has his lunch.
If you want to miss the revolt
go to bed early and wake up at noon.
Outside the Coupole the sweet
bums are kissing a la Genet.
The active ones anyway . . .
not those grown formless
huddled against the wall,
skin draped, as if
pinched off a rotten soft peach.
And in the Coupole, the very rich,
and very young and very beautiful
boys and girls caught slumming,
talk all night of how they wreck
their cars and how many speeding
tickets they have got, and properly
surrounded by their artisans and cunt lapping dogs
they buy their stage and leave.

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