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Kamarck, Edward (ed.) / Arts in society: the arts and the black revolution II

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Virginia Baskin started out as a psychologist,
graduated to housewife, and subsequently
followed the careers of dancer, journalist,
and playwright. Most recently, she has
had two of her absurd plays and many
short sketches performed in Pasadena
and Santa Monica.
Albert Bermel is a playwright and Drama
Editor of The New Leader. He teaches
theatre seminars at Columbia.
William M. Bolman is an Assistant Professor
of Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin. Chapman is in the English
Department at Wisconsin State University-
Stevens Point.
Albert Drake is in the English Department at
Michigan State University. His poetry
has appeared in many little magazines.
Hugh Fox is a specialist in American Studies
who lectures extensively in Latin America.
He has published several volumes of
poetry and essays.
Antoni Gronowicz is the author of
Chopin, Paderewski, The Piasts, and Bolek
as well as the drama Greta. His work has been
translated into seventeen languages.
John Ingswersen is a structural engineer
living on South Manitou Island in Lake
Michigan, now preparing prints and poetry
for a coming book, How To Build a
Thirty-Mile Toy.
John Oliver Killens is a novelist, screen-writer
and lecturer. He is presently author-in-
residence at Fisk University.
William F. Mack is a young Black poet
now attending the Goodman School of
Drama in Chicago with interests in acting,
writing and film-making.
Karen Malpede is on the editorial staff of
Billboard Publications.
Robert McRoberts has recently had poems in
The Beloit Poetry Journal and Shenandoah.
Wanda Sue Parrot is an artist-in-residence at
Studio Watts Workshop. She runs her own
Literary Service, Wanda Sue Productions.
Douglas Reynolds is Chairman of the
Department of Art at Hampton Institute.
Warren Robbins is the Director of the
Museum of African Art in Washington, D.C.
Edouard Roditi is the author of the recently
published Prose Poems: New Hieroglyphic Tales,
published by Kayak Press and distributed
by City Lights Bookshop. He has published
extensively in American, British, French
and German Periodicals.
Raymond Roseliep has been featured in
three recent anthologies: Lucien Stryk's
Heart-Land, Denise Levertov's Out of the
War Shadow, and Webster Schott's American
Christmas. He won third prize in the
WRITER'S DIGEST poetry contest this year.
James L. Rosenberg is Professor of Drama in
the Theatre Department at Carnegie-
Mellon University.
Mary J. Rouse is an Associate Professor of
Art Education at Indiana University.
Dennis Schmitz is a young poet who has
not yet published a book, though his work
has been featured in Choice, Chicago
Review, Hudson Review and Arts in Society.
Marcia B. Siegel is a writer on the dance
and a former editor of Dance Scope.
Warren Slesinger is a widely published
poet who teaches creative writing at the
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
Ed Wilson is an award-winning sculptor who
has been exhibited widely. He is a
member of the Department of Art and Art
History at the State University of New
York at Binghamton.
Walter Williams, a John Hay Whitney
Fellowship award winner, has been
exhibited both in this country and abroad.
Calvin Burnett, is a widely recognized
painter: He teaches at the Massachusetts
College of Arts.
Alvin C. Hollingsworth is a noted painter of
commentaries on city ghettos. He teaches
fine art and graphic art at the New York
High School of Arts and Design.

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