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Arts in society: the electric generation


Kamarck, Edward, Editor
Arts in society: the electric generation
Volume 7, Issue 2
Madison, Wisconsin: Research studies and development in the arts University Extension the University of Wisconsin, 1970

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[Cover] Arts in society: the electric generation


Table of contents

The contributors

[Editorial comment: life in a leyden jar], Kreutz, Irving pp. [unnumbered]-155

[Editorial comment: "on scrapping all our traditions--in favor of older ones"], Allen, John pp. [156]-161

[Editorial comment: the electric esthetic and the short--circuit ethic of the current populist culture], Widmer, Kingsley pp. [162]-[170 and 171]

Editorial comment: this gifted age, Corrigan, Robert pp. 172-[177]

Editorial comment: art and the youth scene, Kaplan, Donald M. pp. 178-[181]

Editorial comment: the new drama: starshine and sunshine, Spargur, Ronn pp. 182-[187]

[Editorial comment: art in America, 1970-1985], Bush-Brown, Albert pp. [188]-[194]

[Editorial comment: the end of esthetics], Hedley, Leslie Woolf pp. 195-[204]

Editorial comment: on the crisis of creativity in contemporary art, Kavolis, Vytautas pp. 205-[208]

[Editorial comment: Mrs. Coit's great monument], Ahlstrom, David pp. 209-[217]

Editorial comment: art education and the environmental development, Kaplan, Max pp. 218-[228]

[Book reviews: musicology rhymes with ideology], Gushee, Lawrence pp. [229]-236

Book reviews: the story of U.S. vernacular dance, Burke, Jack pp. [237]-239

Book reviews: apples are ripe now: no one picks them, Yates, Peter pp. 240-250

Book reviews: new contents for old shells, Chase, Gilbert pp. 251-[258]

Poetry, Bogartte, Jeffrey, et. al pp. [259]-266

Notes and discussion, p. [267]

[Notes and discussion: Marcus Behmer, a master of art nouveau], Roditi, Edouard pp. 268-[275]

Notes and discussion: Youth Music Institute, pp. 276-[279]

Notes and discussion: Arkansas' experiental labs in the arts, Harrison, A. Cleveland pp. 280-282

Notes and discussion: operation area arts: an experimental program in arts education, Kazar, Michael pp. 283-286

[Advertisements], pp. [287]-[302] ff.


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