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Kamarck, Edward (ed.) / Arts in society: the arts and the black revolution II

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Page [532]

The Outsider
goes into book
format with X 4/5, a big
double issue. Will henceforth
be an Annual Documentation of
vitally valid writing, poetry & prose
--no taboos--from all creative
schools & cliques in the U.S. today--
and some from Abroad.
It is now at our press, being printed
a page at a time
in handset Baskerville, & will be
exquisitely handbound;
the size 7 by 10.
1009 E. Elm St.,
Tucson, Arizona 85719
In this initial book-issue will be a
large section in homage to Kenneth Patchen,
with many photos, & intimate tributes to
KP from Rexroth, Ginsberg, Norman Thomas,
Hugh MacDiarmid, Ferlinghetti, Harold Norse,
Bro. Antonius, Frederick Eckman, J. B. May,
Peter Yates, Corrington, Tram Combs, Bern
Porter, Jack Conroy, others.
Outside the Patchen section will be
new work by Charles Olson, Denise Levertov, Enslin,
Bukowski, Michael Hamburger, Russell Edson, Bartlett,
Wantling, Eigner, Eshleman,
Stanley Cooperman, Henry Miller,.
Major, Perchik, Al Greenberg, Keith Wilson, Hollo,
Al Purdy, Thos. Merton, Robert Kelly, John Haines,
Sorrentino, Steve Katz, Dick Higgins, Jay Wright,
Marcus Grapes, Meltzer, Howard McCord, Locklin,
and others not yet decided on.
And an Album of KELSIE Harder cartoons. Of the
"fuck" one he writes: "It is quite naturally
unprinted prior to your request to print it--this
country where it's considered 'unprintable' is
ironically one of the few countries where such an
idea would be considered 'funny,' since change
(except in nature) is not fluid unto itself--
paradox makes for change.'"
By the time you read this, the book should be
ready. The first 3 issues of The OUTSIDER were
long ago sold out, & are now expensive collector's
pieces. Johnson Reprint Corporation is reprinting
1, 2 & 3--to sell for $27.50.
Price for this &4/5 Book Issue is $5 a copy as of
now--may go to $6 on publication. But for readers
of ARTS IN SOCIETY the price is $4, prepaid. The
edition is limited, so order now to be sure of your
copy. We received some 2000 orders for 1, 2 & 3 after
they were sold out. Before you know it 4/5 likewise
will be submerged in the rare book market.

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