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Kamarck, Edward (ed.) / Arts in society: the arts of activism

Index to Arts in society: volume 6, number 1, 2, 3,   pp. 142-145 PDF (3.0 MB)

Page 142

Volume 6, Number 1, 2, 3
Academic Throttle of Silence, poem. (from
the Italian of Paolo Buzzi) Strozza
Accademica del Silenzio. Dora M. Pettinella
(translator) 1:113.
After Reading the Duino Elegies, poem.
John Ingswersen. 2:256-257.
Alienation. Kenneth Rexroth 1:55-60.
Allegory and Alienation. Edouard Roditi.
2:237-242. Review of: The Other Side:
A Fantastic Novel by Alfred Kubin
ALLEN, DICK. The Poet Looks at Space-
Inner and Outer. 2:185-193.
Utopia, poem. 2:255.
And Andy Knows, poem. Gerard Malanga.
Autobiography, poem. Ronald Silliman.
Autumn (In Vietnam), poem. Michael
Horovitz. 3:364.
BERMEL, ALBERT. We Are Ten Years Old.
BERRIGAN, DANIEL. The Funeral Oration
of Thomas Merton, As Pronounced by the
Compassionate Buddha, poem. 3:383.
BERTHA, GUS. Black Suasions, poem.
Between Scientist and Humanist. Eugene
Kaelin. 2:215-227.
Review of: The Science of Art by
Robert E. Mueller.
Big Black Bear, The, poem. Alfred Diggs.
Black Suasions, poem. Gus Bertha. 3:392.
BLAZEK, DOUGLAS. Song of Change,
poem. 2:261.
The Swift Sword of Dawn, poem. 3:361.
A Guided Tour of the Night, poem. 3:361.
Responsibility, poem. 3:362.
BLY, ROBERT. Near the Gary Sheet and
Tin Mill, poem. 3:422.
Revolution by Dissatisfaction, poem. 3:423.
(translations from the Swedish) With
Heart Chalk, poem. 3:425.
(from the Swedish of Lasse Soderberg)
Zero, poem. 3:425 (from the Swedish of
Gbran Sonnevi).
BOWER, WARREN. We Are Ten Years Old.
BURGARD, RALPH. Comment for
Symposium: Unfulfilled Opportunities in the
Arts. 1:16-20.
BURNHAM, JACK. Systems and Art.
BUZZI, PAOLO. (translated by Dora M.
Pettinella) Sera D'uragano, poem. 1:107.
Casa Natale di Goethe, poem. 1:109.
II Battesimo, poem. 1:111.
Strozza Accademica del Silenzio,
poem. 1:113.
La Gabia, poem. 1:113-115.
Cage, The, poem. (from the Italian of
Paolo Buzzi) La Gabbia. Dora M. Pettinella
(translator) 1:113.
Casa Natale di Goethe, poem. (Goethe's
Birthplace) Paolo Buzzi (translated by
Dora M. Pettinella) 1:109.
CHASE, GILBERT. Toward A Total Musical
Theatre. 1:25-37.
Society and the Avant-Garde
Book Review of The Theory Of the Avant-
Garde by Renato Poggioli. 2:231-234.
Christening, poem. (from the Italian of
Paolo Buzzi) II Battesimo. Dora M.
Pettinella (translator) 1:111.
City Lights, poem. Richard Uhlich. 2:255.
Comedy and Revolution. Joan Holden.
Confrontation Between Art and Science.
Edward L. Kamarck. 2:IX-XII.
COSTLEY, BILL. Dactilares Del Che,
poem. 3:372.
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES. Getting on With
the Get On: Old Conflicts and New
Artists. 3:387-391.
Dactilares Del Che, poem. Bill Costley.
DARST, DAVID. Trial's End, poem. 3:382.
Day Time Began, The, poem. Eugene
McCarthy. 3:349-350.
The Demolition of Literary Social Climbing.
(from the Portuguese of Geraldo Sobral)
Demolicao Do Arrivismo Literarario.
Fred Ellison (translator) 3:445-447.
Dick Daley, poem. James Hazard. 3:345-348.
Dictes Moy Vie N'En Quel Pays, poem.
Frederick Feirstein. 3:433.
DIGGS, ALFRED. The Big Black Bear,
poem. 3:395.
Digression Around the Subject, Unpopular
Criticism is Necessary, or "Don't Stop
the World, I'm Still On It", A.
Peter Yates. 1:61-69.
Donovan on Film, poem. Gerard Malanga.
ELLISON, FRED. (translation from the
Portuguese) The Demolition of Literary
Social Climbing. (from the Portuguese
Parricidismo: Demolicao Do Arrivismo
Literario by Geraldo Sobral). 3:445-447.
EMBLER, WELLER. Rage Against Iniquity.
Evening Hurricane, poem. (from the Italian
of Paolo Buzzi) Sera D'unragano. Dora M.
Pettineila (translator) 1:107.
Express Your Will, poem. David Ignatow.
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