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Kamarck, Edward (ed.) / Arts in society: the arts of activism

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ARTS IN SOCIETY is dedicated to the augmenting of the arts in society
and to the advancement of education in the arts. These publications are to
be of interest, therefore, both to professionals and the lay public.
ARTS IN SOCIETY exists to discuss, interpret, and illustrate the various
functions of the arts in contemporary civilization. Its purpose
is to present the insights of experience, research and theory in support
of educational and organizational efforts to enhance the position of the
in America. In general, four areas are dealt with: the teaching and
learning of the arts; aesthetics and philosophy; social analysis; and
significant examples of creative expression in a
media which may be served by the printing process.
ARTS IN SOCIETY is currently issued three times a year.
The yearly subscription rate is $5.50. The subscription rate for two years
is $10.00, and the rate for three years is $14.50.
Additional copies of this issue may be purchased at $2.00 per copy.
Special professional and sbudent discounts are
available for bulk rates.
The editors will welcome articles on any subjects which fall within
the areas of interest of this journal. Readers both in the United States
abroad are invited to submit manuscripts for consideration for
publication. Articles may be written in the contributor's native language.
An honorarium will be paid for papers accepted for publication.
Manuscripts should be sent to Edward L. Kamarck, Editor, ARTS IN
SOCIETY, University Extension, The University of Wisconsin,
606 State Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53706. (Review copies of books,
recordings, tapes and films should be directed to the same address.)
National Distribution to the Retail Trade:
B. DeBoer
188 High Street
Nutley, New Jersey 07110
Distribution to England:
Robert G. McBride
McBride and Broadley
Wood Cottage-Nash Road
Great Horwood
Nr. Bletchley, Bucks.
Copyright, 1969, by the Regents
of the University of Wisconsin

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