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Kamarck, Edward (ed.) / Arts in society: the arts of activism

Pelieu, Claude
Part I: Paris, May, 1968: one way,   pp. 335-338 PDF (3.5 MB)

Page 335

Claude P6lieu, "Leader of the "Grey Generation" is the author
AIMED . . . FINGER BOWLS (presented by William Burroughs, translated by Mary
Beach), and other books of poems and anti-poems, as well as
French translations of Burroughs, Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti, Eldridge
Cleaver, Bob Kaufman, and other American writers.
(to Carl Solomon)
June 6th 1966 -: The Cosmonauts have returned -: Attempts to assassinate
James Meredith -Hurricane ALMA ravages CUBA -
June 7th 1966 -: Meredith satisfactory condition - Alaska Good Friday Earth
quake -The Algebra Eaters invade NY -
The true weakness of an elementary modification -The true MOTHER-CONSPIRACY
engendering the most brutal reactions after 2000 years of genuflexions
-A kind of 'truth' gnawing at all those who dream in the grey dress
of time-
who dream
are afraid-: stains frozen on the old priest's cassock -
Methods of facts & gestures in the Basin of Cramps - I know I am dead
What contact still? (The death of 1916) many kids in the Yellow Room -
REality HOTEL OF CHANCE - IMAGE-SHOE-COFFIN - in blisters / Orthopedic
Rock 'n Roll / spaces crossing - whom? what? (me) burned vizor - Sex-
ual knots burst., slow-downs . , , here elsewhere nowhere (you understand,)-
Carl, remember the frotteuses on the St Banana -With Kaufman on the St Stranger
(a long time ago) with the frotteuses of Maracaibo -The Indian Conductor
is a shadow - In a red sky America subjugates its beatitude -
Widows graze on the Yellow Dog - Baby-orchestra-rags learn to count on an
after-      335
ski-abacus - Mr. & Mrs. Greenhorn you come with me jack off to . . .
others looked for nothings and old echoes) -
I groveled in the dust of Texas a long time ago - Snow logic - Banalities
all men & women -The wave-length of images rusted forever on the inked
foreheads of "small poets" - The health of poets (sic) - The heavenly
endive and all their shit right here-Their torso-images wiped off on
the stiff rope (& on the palimpsest of the Imaginary rotting fiction-figures)-
Hatred of Poetry - Grand Central (Track 23) 6 p.m. (throwing oneself in the
bage cans of the Red Cap Service) - Adios Old Escritura Adios - Harlem
River- Impassible Death -Knowing the unspeakable in a sleeping-car &
throwing at dawn his fingers to the grey wolves of Negro suburbs -
Thorazine - Mists (buoys) coccoons (cisterns) - Otto Braun Flour Inc. Irving-
town., Hello Dolly., White & Red., El Capitan Penn., MOBIL., Seaboard.,
Funny Girl., Southern Pacific 33112., Sing Sing Ossinning-
SAVE OUR REPUBLIC IMPEACH EARL WARREN - Garbage dumps - Car cemeteries-
The banks of the Hudson -Nuclear shots of the French in the Pacific - Winds
are tricky Captain Blood -Also love by correspondence with the stars of
nothingness -
Cold Crabs - Accelerated sweat - Times tremble - Lean beasts stuffed with
Benny & Goof-Balls full of S & S -
3:20 a.m. I read my mail -: your false prophecies for 1967, "special
from Jeff N, from Karl H W, from William B.,, mail from a long time ago
burned in a Harmonica-Zug - Dilapidated stations - Sinister breakfast -
Buffalo, Detroit, Lake Huron, Albion, Canadian Pacific, Back To .
Foreign cars Park, Ridson Express Goy, For Every BO (Green Bay & Western)
. ....... .   Pacific Fruit Express, Daly Queen, Sioux City, Dressed Beef
Co, Chicago, Kansas, Love Box Co, John Birch Society-
Santa Fe - Snack Jug-Fug Dinners & Cocktails - Amarillo Texas Body Shop-

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