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University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Art, sesquicentennial celebration faculty exhibition

Michael Connors [Pause],   pp. 28-29

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   Michael Connors
      Assistant professor
      UW-Madison Department of Art
      Digital printmaking/graphic design;
      computer-mediated art
      Other teaching positions
      Interim director and coordinator of the New
      Media Center, University ofWisconsin, Madison;
      co-coordinator of the Madison Art Center's
      Microcomputer Art Workshops;Wisconsin Arts
      Board Artist-in-Education Program
1995  MFA University ofVWisconsin-Madison
      Significant achievements
1998  Sonic Circuits, American Composers Forum,
      Hokin Annex & Gallery, Columbia College,
1994  Wisconsin Arts Board Individual Artist
      Fellowship in Interdisciplinary Arts
1993  Wisconsin Triennial, Madison Art Center,
1992  Media Shock, ACM/SIGGRAPH and Pace
      University's Department of Computer Science,
      Pace University, NewYorlc
1991  Touchings, International Sound BasisVisual Arts
      Festival,Wroclaw, Poland
1990  Great Lakes Film and Video invitational
      screening of"Mediaprobe: Lost Personality,"
      National Assembly of State Arts Agencies
      Conference, Milwaukee Art Museum Multimedia
1990  Wisconsin Arts Board Inter-Arts Development
Ithough my work has extended to interactive
multimedia design, installations, and the
Internet, printmaking has remained a central
Dart of how I understand and aDDroach
imagemaking. I was a printmaker before computers became
household appliances; and my understanding of the close asso-
ciations that technological development shares with the history
of printmaking and graphic design has helped me to formulate
the foundations of my creative and pedagogical goals.Through
this broad, interdisciplinary approach, I have come to under-
stand how computer technologies can be comprehensively inte-
grated with traditional art media and curriculum.
¶ At the core of my work is an appreciation for the unique na-
ture of the computer as a medium for expression. I believe that
this in many ways distinguishes the character and direction of
my work.The computer is a machine that is capable of trans-
forming visual information at amazing speeds. It can develop
and interpret complex patterns of visual information.As a me-
diation device, it is capable of altering the relationship between
the viewer and the object perceived. Computers eloquently
capture and sequentially display the subtlest variations of the
creative process - like a lens through which time itself can be
analyzed, reconstructed, and performed.
¶ My current work incorporates these unique characteristics of
the computer: the infinitely repeatable procession of creative
choice and the visual documentation of this transformation; the
interplay of patterned, sequential order and random variation;
and the visual dialog that results from the interactive
manipulation of the perceptual grid that each viewer brings
to an object, space, or element of design.

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