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Leopold, Aldo / Writings: A Sand County Almanac , Correspondence and Drafts

Great possessions,   pp. [740]-[1017] PDF (697.9 MB)

Page [929]

April it 1944~ 
THIN1G L 4Z   A 
A dep ohest7 bawl ehoes from riniook to rimrook, rolls down the 
mountain, and fades into the far b      ss of the niht. It is an 
outburst of wild defiant sorrow, and of eontempt for all the adversities
of the world. 
Wary livin   thing (and perhaps m     a deAd one as well) nays heed 
to that ca1. To the deer it is a rinder of the way of all f    esh, 
to the pine a forecast of mida0it scuffles and of blood upon the snow, 
to the ooyote a promise of gleanins to con, to the cowan a threat of 
red ink  t the ank, to the hunt-r a challe    of fan  against bullet. 
Yet behind these obvious and i      te hopes and fears there lios a 
deeper m        eanng ekny to the montlain itself. Only the nontan 
has lived long enough to listen objectively to the howl of a wolf. 
Those umnble to decipher the hidden meaning kow nevertheless that 
It is there, for it is felt In all wolf country, and di tirgishe  that 
country from all other land.   t tinles in the spine of all iio hear 
wolves by nigt, or who scan their Itroka by day.   Wen without sight or 
sound of wolf, it i impl iot in a hundred wAll eventes the midniht 
whinA, of a  eiokorse, the rattle of rolling roks, the bound of a 
fleeing deer, the way the shadows lie under the spues. (n'y the 
inedu4ible tyro opn fail to sense the presecee or absence of wolves, 
or the fact that mountains have a seet opinion about them. 
Ky oyn oonviotion on this soare dAtes from the day I sw a wolf 4i., 
We were sating lunch on ahi&   imro*k, at the foot of which aturbulent

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