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Hair, P. E. H. (Paul Edward Hedley); Barbot, Jean, 1655-1712 / Barbot's West African vocabularies of c. 1680

Notes to items 31-60,   p. 10 PDF (170.7 KB)

Page 10

31.3 A forced literal translation of the French.
35.2 Fish-hooks is aos.
36.1 The term ananas was borrowed into African languages from Portuguese.
36.5 The modern term for 'pineapple' is Agcxdi (cf. ahgcmgdee, Forbes 1851).
37.2 The modern term is guma/guubo (cf. the Fula term), yet SCV gave bcoum,
close to Barbot 's term.
39.4 Marees gave otta.
41.4 Christaller suggests 'foreign yam'. Barbot applied the term bananes
to the plantain.
42.2 Possible confusion with xooge/xunJge &tre bossu', item 44 having
no Wolof entry.
44.3 Either misplaced from 43.3, or confusion with Yukko 'hunchback'. SCV
correctly gave d&oc 'borgne'.
45.5 Note Adangme me lesin 'I bathe/wash myself' (Koelle 1854).
47.5 The term for 'beard' is ktdn.
48.2 Not yibbu ndam 'remporter la victoire' or daan 'terrasser, 6tre victorieux
49.4 The first form is that in the 1679 version.
50.5 The term for mouth is simple ni.
52.2 The modern Wolof term for 'bottle' is from the French.
57.4 The Twi term would be correct for no.59, so perhaps same miscopying
is involved.
58.2 The modern Wolof would be bant u win.
58.5 The term given may involve miscopying or confusion with the next item.
59.1 See no.68, with a similar gloss, the same Wolof term and a similar Ewe
59.4 Perhaps a misunderstanding.
59.5 Diminutive of 68.5.
60.5 Cf. aquoue (rabat 1730).

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