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Mota, A. Teixeira da (Avelino Teixeira); Hair, P. E. H. (Paul Edward Hedley) / Jesuit documents on the Guinea of Cape Verde and the Cape Verde Islands, 1585-1617: in English translation

10,   pp. [unnumbered]-18 ff.

Page 17

captain/governor as their representative and as magistrate (ouvidor) of
the useful regions they govern, both in peace and in war, in military
matters and in civil and judicial administration. And he and his
successors will meet from their own funds the salary to be paid to the
captain and angietrat- whom they appoint.
All the awards contained in this grant I make a& king and lord of
'the kingdoms of Portugal, and also as the governor and lifelong adminis-
trator that I am of the Order and Master Chivalry of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
By this letter   I give power and authority to Pedro Alvares Pereira to
take and.order to be taken, by himself or through whomever he approves,
real and actual possession of the captaincy end governancy /f.243v/ and
of its lands, revenues and profits and (to remake effective) all the other
matters listed in this grant, and to make use of all in full as in listed
in it.(f) And I deign and wish and comm.and that this letter of grant
(cartl de doactio)  be complied with and knpt in full in every respect,
in all its clauses, conditions and statements, as contained and stated
herein, without diminution or reserve. And as far as all here stated is
concerned, I set aside the Ley Hental and any other laws, ordinances,
decrees, glossum and curtoms there nay be or could be contrary to this,
in any way or by any ranon5 there might be, even though they may be smch
that.,O1i.t var necessary for them to be expressed and 6tated here word for
word. And this notwithrstanding the ordinance of the second book, para-
grsnh fifty--four, which nays that when such lawn and decrees are dc-ognl:ed
there shoulld be exprens rmention aide of them aund of their substance. 
I pramird' real:d r- re rPciao Alvarcs Pereira and his suereosros that at
tine will I ge adain.1:, or allow anyone else to go agminst, this my grat
* i~v ;n  i' te. .,  .   w1 ).hich on "ccoi.-[ of clis. cdint willt
c  -or  -
in  l.'  ci t
* -t* lI lJef,,  grnt V'iX CF a  l   of UL,; C(lint Wilt 1t.


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