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Mota, A. Teixeira da (Avelino Teixeira); Hair, P. E. H. (Paul Edward Hedley) / Jesuit documents on the Guinea of Cape Verde and the Cape Verde Islands, 1585-1617: in English translation

9,   pp. [unnumbered]-7 ff.

Page 3

But the Lord willed that this did not come about, in order to show
that it was He who was our guide. A very remarkable thing happened.
The wind failed as we approached the shoals and the current carried
us to the most dangerous point, where many ships have been lost.
Suddenly the very wind we needed (to save us) arose, and we passed
safely by, sounding all the way.   Moreover, though the coast was
infested with French pirates who rob ships as they arrive or leave,
the Lord willed that we met none of these. One evening we anchored
in a river and at dawn saw a ship lying near us Jwhich, when it
approached us, we thought was a pirate vessel, but it slowly sailed
out to sea and we later learned that it was Portuguese.I6
We reached Guinala, which lies on an upper arm of Rio Grande
on the morning of the day of the (Three) Kings, which I took as a good
omen for the conversion of the heathen, the Three Kings having been
the first fruit of that conversion. /f.139/ Antonio Nunes, the factor
and captain of the port, with some other Portuguese, immediately came
to see us. When he left, our ship fired off its two guns, and from
the land the fort replied with ten or a dozen shots.   I found that all
was prepared for me to say Mass, but before doing so, I preached on
the subject of the feast day, suiting all I said to the spiritual needs
of these parts. I preached again on the Sunday within the octave.
The Lord willed that those there were moved to make their me confess-
ions and I spent the whole nine days I was at Guinala chiefly engaged
in hearing them, to my own great satisfaction and to the good of their
souls. The first day after we disembarked I overheard that one of the
leading Portuguese living there was sick and was making light of his
illness. I asked the man who made this comment to inquire from the
sick man whether he wished to make his confession and to tell him of
my willingness to hear it. However as the reply was delayed I sent
our brother to the sick man. The reply he brought back to me was to
the effect that the man made courteous excuses and laughed at the offer.
Then I went myself to the man's house, but again he was evasive in
reply to what L said to him. However I pressed him at least to begin
his confession straightway, which he did. Since I realised that he
would not last long - although he made fun of anyone who said the
(6) The last sentence (in English) is only in LUS.
(7)  This clause is only in Guerreiro.


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