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Hair, P. E. H. (Paul Edward Hedley); Barbot, Jean, 1655-1712 / Barbot's West African vocabularies of c. 1680

[numerals and notes to numerals],   pp. 41-43 ff.

Page 43

10 galines  fahoos       j
20 galines guinbale
100 galines guin-baton
S~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ =
*WOLOF The term nit is little used nowadays.
*FUIA The numbers go wrong at 20,30,40 and 1020, partly by misplacement,
probably because of a copying error. In
1732 version, Barbot inserts in the Fula list against the numbers 50-90,
"this is lost". -
*TWI   At 200 and 300 the 1679 version wrongly gives appiae and appiembienna,
terms for 1000 and 2000, but this  -
been by miscopying from a note, since the 1688 version corrects the 200 and
300 terms and puts appiem correctly atj
*EWE    An eighteenth century source gave for 6 the form troupo, this obsolete
term being presumably derived frj
ickpo, i.e. '5' + '1' (abat 1730); for the modern term, cf. aeiza (Robertson
1819). Another eighteenth century
gave terms in 'Wawu- and 'Papaa' for 7-9 similar to those given by Barbot
- atjuwe, tiatong, tienee (Oldendorp 177y.
The term for '15- is literally  three feet', a 'foot' being apparently used
for a unit of five (? five toes).  For
numbers 16-19, cf. fotm croup, fotm conoae, foton counton, fotcn kodene (LabatJ1730).
The term for '40' is liteic-
'one string'. At 41, cenr6 qui re' appears to be a slip for cenr6 qui repo'.
The term given for 3 galines is nfl
uiseh nwadavy- t-n avNid cnfiiqinn wit-h t-he te-r fnr 1 r,' anrl insteadl
' - is TNMtAnW 'three t-hiQnQ q. j i-pr Mrti

20__ _. -, __ _ . _ __ - - -- gegi .ae.. geo, is- d u
20 galines, guinbale 'one guinba', is nowadays unknown.




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