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Hair, P. E. H. (Paul Edward Hedley); Barbot, Jean, 1655-1712 / Barbot's West African vocabularies of c. 1680

Notes to items 121-150,   p. 24

Page 24


121.2 The modern term is nixnw si and SCV has ndmassi.
121.5  Diminutive of nycinl  nwoman'.
122.2 The correct term is fett. See item 96 for related confusion.
124.4 The TWi term is omtitted in Barbot 1688 and Barbot 1732.
126.5 The modern term for 'gun' is more cammonly tu.
127.4 Item 127-132 are misplaced in the TWi column of the 1688 vocabulary,
appearing against glosses 128-133.
128.3 As 125 above.
130.5 The modern term is v"rigo.
131.4 The term for 'knee' is nY iormam: the term given appears to be related
to me-na$-tu 'my calf , or me-na*-tam
'between my knees'.
132.2 Not xale/kaleel 'enfant', or xale bu goor 'garrwn'.
132.5  Perhaps a miscopying, lnari-vy for sonsn-vy.
133.5 'Great' is daho.
134.3  SCV gives haidy namne 'goulu' (? haaj 'need' + nyaande 'to eat').
136.4  Probably a derivative from Dutch broek 'trousers', just as the mndern
term is trig from the English, although thee
are other terms to denote various forms of a corresponding but more traditional
137.4  'Man' is O-benin. The term given may well be e-df$ 'name', if we suppose
that 'un hom'e was misheard as 'un nam'.
138.2  Derivative from tldd 'se coucher, etre couche  ?
138.3 It is unlikely that the Fula ever used ham ocks.
138.4  From Portuguese hamza.
138.5 The usual term is kpn (cf. pang, Forbes 1851).
140.5 'Throw' is nowadays nyi, while blip means 'cheat' and gblr 'spoil'.
141.2  The correct wolof term is leex. There may be an error in the gloss
reflected in all the vocabularies. Yet the Ewe
term may represent only a mis-copying.
141.3 In the Volta region Ixkeis used. Could Barbot 's term be by metathesis
142.2 The correct term is bds.
142.5 The correct term is hzan. An eighteenth century source gives ayi au,
which seems to be ayihfnin 'sunrise' (Labat
144.2 The correct term is tAnk 'jambe, pied'.
145.1  The gloss confuses a judicial oath and a curse - the terms variously
refer to one or the other.
146.2 The correct term is lal. Barbot 's term appears to involve a miscopying
of the first letter.
150.5 Miscopying of the first letter ?



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