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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Single chapter: the various ceremonies pertaining to public order among the Manes, Calus, Bagas and the other kinds of heathen in this district,   pp. 1-5 ff.

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a vwhite min'a recognises them, and calls them by name, and laughs, they
set a'eut frightening him with grimaces and by shaking their bodies which
are naked. Women are not seen; the men give them a Signal with their
shouting so that they can hide.
The old men's Cimo haps an idol which is a wooden statue of a
very blackwoman, and is called Cimoa. This only comes out when there
is moarning for an important person. Its dress is of straw, which shapes
(?) a figure with darts as eyes. When this figure is being carved, the
man who brings food calls to the ore who is making the idol (fony) by
whistling. Once the idol is finished, they place it on a certain road
where there is a spring, in order that she first woman to go there can
say that she found it;  she runs away in fright, and then it is 1lown
what it is. All the old men of the village come together and take the
statue to their monastery and to a standing place which they male in the
forest near some poulan tree.   Horns, drums, and so or. perforin at the
ceremony when they take the statue there. Cimo also has a statue of a
wild boar, which is brought to the festival of Cinoa, when it runs after
her like a naughty Jascar.  It is carried bof the shortest black in the
There is also another Cimo called Ter. Their Ters are small
and made of black clay, with faces like those of Sanchlos or other ugly
shapes, and these are spattered with rice grass. Here they kill puppies,
goats and cocks) and sprinkle with the blood the altar and the horns of the
animal which they have there. Mhen this has been done~ some of them,
already gluttedgo within to chant liike cocks, while others wail like
children and play their drums. When they emerge outside they do so
playing a small tarnbourin so that everyone (else) can flec(from then.).
To those hnalfdead) they give poison to finish them off when they are
dying. If anyone promises something to this idol end fails to fulfi) it.
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