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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Single chapter: of the journey of Father Baltasar Barreira to this pronvince, and particularly to the Kingdom of Bena,   pp. [unnumbered]-6

Page 6

as guides for the dungeons of hell, the just place for the malice of such
a deceitful barbarian.(b)    He served thesespirits in life and found them
in death, as they told me, since on the day he died the storms and tempests
were so great that it seemed as if they desired to carry off the whole town
and all its people to accompany Massacander's wicked soul.   The Lord
punished his secretary first, as can be seen in Chapter XXV of the second
part. The king profited neither from the company of Simao Caldeira nor from
his dealings with the Portuguese, who, when they fail to lead an exemplary
life, by which alone the infidels can be guided, sometimes serve to discredit
greatly the religion of the  aviouric)   When we are not exemplary, they
use our intercourse with them as an opportunity more for scorn and contempt
of our holy faith than for belief in it and affection for it, as can be seen
by what has been stated in the present work, in the relevant chapters, where
it deals with the necessity for a good example on the part of Christian
peoples.  /f.138v/
(b) "Onibana officru o Surmma" say the idolaters when they see
the thunder,
lightning and storms on the mountains of the Kings. Thus it happened
when Old Farma died;  it was a sad day;   they say, "Cru usuma cru"
"God is angry", etc.
(c) Stay they carry the padre not only in their hearts but in their arms.
*_Pone me ut si"Saculum" "Set me as a seal (upon thine heart)7,
of Songs £. 7.    See Exodus L2, g      hidden faith was riot enough
delivery from Egypt, it was necessary to proclaim the faith publicly
by marking the door posts with lamb's blood.
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