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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Single chapter: of the journey of Father Baltasar Barreira to this pronvince, and particularly to the Kingdom of Bena,   pp. [unnumbered]-6


(companion).  This man could not contain his joy when he saw Massacander'-
adorned with holy relics, thus internally dressed by God, and externally
already wearing the Portuguese coastume from his Filipe. But when he told
Massacander that the apostle was coming here, the king's excitement was
even greater. He immediately despatched porters to carry not only the
holy images and ornaments but also the padre whomq he so much wished to see;
and he would entrust him to no shoulders other than those of his own sons,
all of whom were also grandsons of Farins. He sent him a horse too. The
meek spirit of the venerable old man, whose eyes had in them nothing but
humility, wished no such thing;  with characteristic prudence he gave thanks
for this token of charity and then gave the horse to a noble. Meanwhile the
savage was busy with the building of a church and a dwelling for the priest
and these were built most perfectly.
When the padre reached the settlement and township of the king, he
was received with all the signs of sure affection; his lodgings were not
(sic) arranged /f.137/ to accommodate him suitably.  The tyrant gave him
of his idols and war medicines, and enjoined him to get rid of these furnishin
of hell, without the apostle at that time understanding him. After the padre
had paid his visit (to the king) and had declared the purpose of his journey,
the time arrived for the first mass, on the holy day of the Lord's Ascension.
Mlassacander wished to find joy in the holy sacrifice and the glory of the
Lord. The infidel made his way into the house of the Lord, but from the
altar was told to withdraw. He did so balefully, and then displeased the
padre by saying to the whites: "How can I be cast out of the house which
have built, and (which stands) on my own land?" With this remark the
had to leave;  and the only minister or private secretary the king d.d have,
or ever had, (to guide him in the conduct of relations with other Portuguese)
was Antonio Fernandes, whom i discussed in Chapter V' It was due to his
influence that the padre suffered all his toils. What sort of good advice
could be obtained from a man who, when the king reached his house, said to


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