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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Annual report for 1613: for the provincial of the Society of Jesus,   pp. [unnumbered]-19

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said the false priest, "that there is one God, true creator of all
this machinery of nature, who produced it from nothing, and who alone
is the measure of all things. I do not serve this great monarch
because the example (of others) makes me reasonably forbear (??)".
Ile gave me great hopes for his conversion, which will take place
when he says with Peter: "tlic sunt duo gladii Potestatis Divinae et
Caesareae." / "Iere are two swords", Luke 22:38; "that
of Divine
Power and that of Caesar"7. As we lack this temporal power here
(to punish backsliders), there followed the great chastisement from
the Lord which I dealt with above. For the image of the Creator has
been so obscured in our 'monks' that, like the crudest portraits of
Him, it needs an inscription to explain its significance. The climax
of this (? letter) comes at this point and fits what has just been
mentioned (I mean) the celebration of the jubilee of the glorious
apostle (St.John's day, 27 December) a festival on the fringes of which
one of these scarecrows will be seen.
The spiritual celebrities were in no way inferior to, but
instead even finer than, those for the birth of the Saviour. The
divine Benomi had sought and obtained the support of the Divine Spirit
for a celebration with pomp greater than that for the sovereign
Benjamin who was born in Bethlehem. I will pass over the detail of the
decorations of the holy house. Let us speak of the Divine Eagle's
prey, so many souls brought by the Holy Spirit to repentance, with
true signs of contrition. While the Most Holy Sacrament was being
presented, voices were raised in great devotion: two melodies were
sung, a tearful one to the Child, and one to the Holy Evangelist whose
words went thus: "The Royal Eagle is John the Holy..."     And
the later
words are (as follows):


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