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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Annual report for 1613: for the provincial of the Society of Jesus,   pp. [unnumbered]-19

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And various large candles are straightway lit. After all this, we went
out of the chapel (to?) where an altar stood, and on it our Child Jesus
carrying a cross on His back. Oh what a spectacle to bring tears!
How the divine Isaac is begging for eyes (which will weep)! (d)
At this point not even I myself can deny him mine, nor hold back the
normal tribute so clearly due to his love. And so I can now repeat
the "Infantum regina *ubes renovare dolorum"
over the inscriptions, the evidence of the tears of the
Prophets. If I do not weep for you, a Jeremiah will perform the office,etc.
Let us speak now of the second banquet of the love of Jesus the
Good, of thet invitation for the grape harvest: "Convivium vindemiae,
vendimeavit me dominus" ["A feast of the vintage, the Lord has
me a harvest", Isaiah 25:6 and Lamentations 1:12 3.
(Note) the hair, the morsels of flesh and of clothing, the blood in
Pilate's house, as if the sentence had been given in his favour, up
to when the divine cluster (of grapes) was crushed on Calvary.    See the
Divine Phoenix with the wood to burn it. See the burial of the new Adam~f)
See the solemn celebrations of Easter, with the cheers and salutes of the
cannon and musketry to the King of Glory and the capture of souls. These
are things belonging to yesterday and today. Let the envious speak, let
them caricature the sons of Ignatius as much as they wish because
"sive morimur, domini sumus /f.128v/ per infamiam et bonam famam"
"As long as we live we are the Lord's, through ill report and good report",
conflation of Romans 14:8 and 2 Corinthians 6:8
(d) Obedienta Reginae.
(e) Virgil.
(f) Who is followed by various penitents, some bloody, others tied to
the post, others with crosses on their backs, others crucified, etc.


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