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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Annual report for 1613: for the provincial of the Society of Jesus,   pp. [unnumbered]-19

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Let as speak of the prey of the Divine Eagle. The objects
of prey are so numerous as to be astonishing.  Every day he takes (fresh)
prey. Today he took two very important persons, giving us Dom Sebastiao,
much loved son of King Farma, yesterday he took Dom Gregorio, his nephew.
And although the nest of-this Divine Eagle is fairly large, it is now
necessary to enlarge it as the number of the faithful keeps on growing.
Let us deal with the festivals of the Holy House. See Jubilee
1613.  Although important, these festivals were less distinguished, because
the Holy Evangelist had not yet cast his nets so successfully in this
sea of infidelity.  Let us speak now of that great festival of Easter,
a suitable subject for this Divine Eagle, St. John, who just as he
began (his gospel) with his eyes /f.128/ firmly fixed on the divinity
of Jesus, the Eternal Word, so he proceeded, as in a swan-song, singing
the age-old and infinite love of that same Word, Jesus Christ, with
a tenderness which this great festival of His deserved.  For seven years
these offices of Holy Week have been performed in this place with great
devotion and success, but those of the last few years have reached
new heights. What can I-say of the tears which were shed when on Palm
Sunday we joined in the line "All glory, laud and honour"?
I will omit the lamentations of Jeremiah. Let us come to
Maundy Thursday, and consider that divine invitation of the Most Holy
Sacrament - "convivium pinguium"  (feast of fatness) - when at
the table
of the Prince of Glory we are to see a hundred souls. The holy sacrifice
finishes, the devotion begins. Now tears fall from the eyes of the
most devout as they hear chanted "They parted my garments", as
see the ornaments removed from the altar. After this a purple curtain
is drawn, and a religious crucifix appears standing under a black canopy,
which is suitably decorated all over with the words of the Prophets.


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