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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Chapter 26: Discussion of the progress of Christianity and the most remarkable events connected with it,   pp. 1-29

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One could not expect less from a person who had the strength
of vocation possessed by the padre. He fell ill in the Serra two
months before leaving for (Santiago) Island and as he was very fond of
me, he told me various things and spoke of his vocation /f.122/ in these
terms. "A gentleman leaving for Peru visited my father. Because I
longed to see these lands I decided to go with him, and off I set.
When I reached Seville, Our Lord sent sie an inward illumination of a
kind beyond explanation. In it he revealed to me the illusions of the
world and showed me that my true Peru was not the material one I was
seeking but a religious vocation in which I could serve Him. Immediately
I resolved to serve Him in the strictest order that existed. I had
previously made my confession to one of our padres whom I had told about
my journey, and he answered me, "My son, how badly you are spending
your life! But when you go, do not fail to take with you two companions,
Contemptus mundi (Contempt of the World) and a book called "Despise
yourself". I replied that I would. From there I set out for Portugal.
At Aldeia Galega my mule-driver absconded because he feared that his
mule would be seized by a certain lord. Here I met a young man who told
me a thousand good things about *the Society, but this religious vocation
not seem to me a suitable one because it forbade intercourse with relatives,
and I told the young man this. He replied in the words of the Gospel,
1Qui non odit patre, etm " fF(If any man come to me and) hate not his
father..(he cannot be my disciple)", Luke 14:267 . Then I decided to
approach the Franciscans and the Society, and whichever order received
me firstit would be the will of God that I should serve. Thus it was that
when I sought out the Franciscans God willed that I could not see the
Commissary for several days. And I was received into the Society, the
Proposer being Father Miguel de Torres. Father D. Goncalo examined me
in the way i have described."


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