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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Chapter 25: The state of Christianity in the Serra,   pp. 1-10

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0   6.:
The Lord has been very patient with him. After selling the King of Bussis
Christian slave-woman of his who is today reserved for a sacrifice, as I
stated, on his return to Cacheo from this island he ran upon the Shoals of
the Falupos, his ship was wrecked, and he and his company escaped on planks
the shore, where they were captured by the heathen, from whom they were
ransomed. What miseries do such people not suffer daily, in life at the
hands of the infidels, as their slaves for a term whose length depends solely
on the heathen;and at death, as may be believed because it commonly happens
here, at the hands of malign spirits, to receive with them the punishment
eternal torments? This could be shown by many examples but I will detail
some more recent ones from our own time.
We award the first place to Jogo Nunes Borges, whom I knew on the Windward
Coastfl) In the year of Our Lord 1610 he came in his ship to the Cagacais.
He had as his pilot Rui Lopes, a native of Fogo Island, who, having second
sight, saw that this wretched Bn was always accompanied by a terrible and
terrifying form.m) He asked him, "Master Jogo Nunes, do you understand
acknowledge this thing or person who keeps you c-impanyl" .joao Nunes
was very
upset by this and asked Rui Lopes to cease these pestering inquiries. In
river he fell sick aboard his ship, and approaching death, could find no-one
to comfort him except the evil spirit. The pilot(n) visited him as usual
had to leave, disturbed by the frightful vision. On one occasion he
repeated his question, to which he got no reply. The visitor was retiring
terror by the prow of the ship when the sick man died. All arcund were
alarmed by what they heard, for as the soul left, a great blow was felt on
the sea, with strange sensations on the ship which made it rol. severely.
All were terrified, and the pilot was so overcome with fear that about a
month later, he died in Rio Nunez from the shock.
(1) The punishment of Joavo Nunes Borges.
(m) Jorge Mendes told me that God punished hirmi; and he fell ill immediately
after mimicking a padre of the Society, Joa-o de Nigris from Italy.
(n) Rui Lopes, brother of Estevao Lopes, of Fogo Island.


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