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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Chapter 15: The campaign of some of the Manes against the Sousos and what happened during it,   pp. 1-7

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revealed himself to Mabomba, his most responsible and influential wife.:'.
He summoned his court on the spot, and when the members of his council.
saw him they were astonished. He straightway sent a message to Sacena,
to say that he was marching against him.   Sacena sought help from his
superior, Farma Xere, who arrived with many men. The two opponents buili
facing stockades, and each day they saluted each other. From his stockade
King Farma continually watched the enemy camp. He brought to a raised
place, from which Sacena himself could be seen, one of his (foreign)
guests, a mulatto, and he ordered him, under threat of death, to give hinL0
the help of his musket to settle the quarrel, his plan being that Sacena
would lose courage when he heard the shot whistle by, this being what [ 1
normally happens in these parts.   And thus he (? the mulatto) came to  
possess one of these ( ? muskets), being a cunning man who knew how to
retreat (?) by employing arrows at the right time (?)     (he was known as)VS
occipanta, meaning "leopard of the wood".
At the very time that Farma placed his tBernard' at 'Atalia' (i.e.
in ambush), lrzrma Sere (Xere), dressed elegantly in a cloak, was busy  
performing his sacrifices.   Seeing Farina Sere (within range), Bernard saiI
(to King Farma): "           do you wish me to kill him ?".   Farma
"No, that would be a treacherous act and one foreign to the art of warn.
Farma cleverly divided out among his captains the various points in the 
enemy stockade and did it with such skill that no-one could escape.
Sambalete and Cremone broke into the stockade around Maba Sant'Iago (?).
pp (
All the defenders rushed out and Farma ambushed them.    It was wise of |
Farma Sere to throw himself at the feet (of Farma), as did Sacena. Today
this town has again grown in population.
At this period, the king who now owns the Serra was a child, and his l
father confided him to Sacena. At the father's death Sacena succeeded him,
as he was older than the boy. It is said that when this battle was over,
Sacena and Farma made an agreement never again to fall out with each othe4l
or to bear the bow against each other. As a token of this agreement they
killed a sheep and ate it, each keeping a horn for himself as a symbol of
I !
concord, together with a stick anointed with the sheep's blood, which
stick still exists today. In the present year, 1613, Farma informed
D. Felipe that he need have no fear that he would attack him. Farma was
supporting Fatema, King of the Boulons, who, in alliance with Farma and
the Sousos, was attempting to destroy the Casses, a group whose major
element is of the family of the king of the Serra.    And so it happened
that the Casses came off complete victors, and they fell upon several of
Fatema's villages and destroyed them, throwing him into great confusion,


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