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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Chapter 15: The campaign of some of the Manes against the Sousos and what happened during it,   pp. 1-7

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because he longed to grab the greater part of his home. /f.89/ But
however hard Combita strove to gain wealth, the Lord revealed his
intentions to a friend of the Portuguese, who hastened to warn him. And
so the savage was frustrated, without his discovering from which direction
the warning had come. Combita died like a beast in the forest, when he
took refuge there on his way back from Cangra, pursued by the natives against
whom he had waged war.
It is convenient at this point to discuss the famous battle of Lamaia,
which took place between Sacena, uncle of the king who today holds the bow
(of sovereignty) for Serra Leoa, and Faire or Old Farma, the chief of this
(Mane) conquest. As already stated, Mareco was lord and captain of the
coastal region.   Part of this, the part we more strictly call Serra Leoa
and the district around, fell to the lot of the father of Fera Bure.
Sacena, uncle of Bure, because of certain misdeeds considered reprehensible
among the Manes, fled from'the coastal region; and as he was still a young
man, he sought the protection of Farma. He lived with him until he removed
to a place lower down and nearer an arm ot "he sea, a place today called
Lamaia. When he was settled there, many people from Magarabomba came to
join him. At the same time a noble lady, the chief wife of Farma, left her
lord and put herself under Sacenals protection. It is a custom among the
Manes that if anyone flees into their lands for refuge and seeks their
protection, the fugitive must reveal the truth about his misdeeds; and
should he be deceitful in what he says they hand him back. Farma approached
Sacena in a most courteous way and asked him to send back his wife, but
Sacena did not respond to the embassy. Then Farma called Cremone, his
general, and explained the matter to him. As soon as he had heard the
story, Cremone attacked a village belonging to Sacena with such fury that
he destroyed it. Those who escaped brought news of Sacenals situation to
their master, and later (Sacena's people) attacked a more important
village belonging to Farma, where they killed not only many of his subjects
but also some strangers from Europe.
Farma was enraged and fell on Sacena with a large force. But since
ill-considered and precipitous actions never have a good result, poor Farma
suffered a disaster, losing many men, to such an extent that, in the great
confusion, the savage had to flee himself. He was not seen for several
days, during which he lay hidden in the forest in great secrecy. As a
result all his people took him to be dead and began to discuss the
succession to the throne. In his hiding-place Farma learnt of this popular
feeling /f.89v/ through his spies. At the end of a space of time he


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