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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Chapter 15: The campaign of some of the Manes against the Sousos and what happened during it,   pp. 1-7

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from the interior, from the interior, from the Bagas, Calus, Dagunchos ,
and Sousos.  The Sousos and Putazes took counsel together on what course
of action to follow   ; and what emerged was the decision to fight, and
they did this. They immediately attacked the wretched Sumbas, and with
the help of Farim most probably killed almost all of them; and if any
escaped, they made their way back to their Serra (Leoa). A little while
afterwards, all their opponents returned to their lands anditowns in the
hinterland and on the coast.
Although the wars which the Manes, for various reasons, had between
themselves call for discussion in a different section, there is no reason
to linger over a description of them here, because they were all of little
consequence, as generally are quarrels between persons who have close
ties of affection. I will only mention the one which Macareco had with
Xere Ira, King of the Casses, in which Xere Ira was killed.    The savage
Sumba tore from him his beard, which today is in the possession of Bale,
Macareco's grandson and emperor of the Boulons.    The death of Xere Ira
was attributed to a musket ball fired by a certain Portuguese.    The CasseL
entertained a great hatred for us, saying that the grave of their king
should be sprinkled with the blood of a white man. And even today in this
kingdom all (of our people) are pestered by thieving.
I will not be silent over the war which Sacena had with Farma at
Lamaia, when he destroyed many villages and put the savage himself to flight.
Sangrafare, the brother of Farma, will be discussed,and his treachery
against his brothers when he craved for the kingdom. But as this treachery
had no support and was unsuccessful, since it met to such an extent (only)
complete affability, we also may regard it so ( ? ) It would not be
reasonable to discuss at this point the follies of Sangrafare, who was
such a great enemy of ours that, in his eagerness to seize the goods of
those who moved into these parts, he said, apparently seriously, that all
those already living here ought to be killed, so that the new-comers would
find no-one who could warn them about the way of life here - and, not being
warned off, there would be more arrivals. Sangrafare paid thoroughly for
his fanaticism and his ill-feeling towards our people, and has today been
overthrown. His physical appearance is such that from head to feet it
displays the contents of his heart, which is full of dissimulation,
however much some may doubt it. In every respect he is brother to Combita,
the would-be assassin of a noble Portuguesea), whom he wished to kill only

(a) Bartolomeu Andre.


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