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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Chapter 14: How the savage army attacked the Congo and what happened thereafter, up to the time that the Province of Serra Leoa was conquered,   pp. 1-3

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'Jacas'. Our conquest of the Congo made them so fearful of us that
in Angola they changed their attitude to the Portuguese. They
stated that they only wished for Portuguese favour, and they settled
themselves in this region; and a section of them sought the waters
of holy baptism.   Here they are called Jingas.  But there are always
rebels in the two provinces who take refuge in the interior, which is
very prejudicial to trade, by sea as well as by land, for the rebels
in the Congo attack and seriously loot ships which are sailing to
those parts where this savage race has made its home.
/f.86v/ When they had been driven off from the Congo, the Manes
continued their march, devastating whatever they could. Mina and its
cantle put up great resistance to them. They had no knowledge of our
artillery there. They saw from afar the towers shining white, and
they imagined that these were (merely) the dwellings of the Portuguese.
Desire for plunder led them on.. The whistling of shot and the rumble
of guns they took for a thunderstorm. Recollecting the shot and what
had happened there to the Manes, D. Pedro used to say that no-one ccil1i
overcome the Portuguese. Some state that the losses of the army at
this point were such that Farma had to reassemble it.    But the most
knowledgeable affirm that on this occasion Farma (? general for)
Messera,. uncle of Ferabure(a) and Mareco, grandfather of Fatema,
were both there, these two being the coastal generals.
After this trouble at Mina, they attacked the neighbouring
provinces until they reached Magarabomba - which I have not mentioned
before, since it virtually forms part of the patrimony of Serra Leoa
and is under the same command. Like the whole province it is an area
made up of islands, and it has abundance of the normal products, cola,
ivory, and an amount of gold which is collected there.    They conquered
the Sapes and Boulons of its Tausente Island, who were called Xoi or
Civi. Sacena was the coastal general for Mareco (b) and Xere Bogo.
Maro, father of Sertua, a relation of the King of the Serra, was
captain of the advance guard for Sacena.   Thus they attacked out
renowned Leoa (liones), but not even this name could persuade the
(a) Or father, a nobleman of great valour and spirit.
(b) Or rather, for Jomaore, since Mareco died on the journey.


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