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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Chapter 8: The renowned Island of Bussis, the character and organisation of its people, the richness of the land, and the royal state of its great king,   pp. 1-9

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fortified the king's port with two cannon, a scheme in which Captain |PI
S.B. Fernandes has been very active.   I am sure that their lordships,
the ecclesiastical visitors of Cacheu, must know about these acts which
are so contrary to the Christian faith and religion. Equally contraryf
are other acts practised on the Windward Coast, by the sale to the he ij
(h)                               i
there of many kinds of prohibited goods.     Prohibited goods are all go.
which do not meet the test of being morally indifferent and applicable
various uses.   For only goods meeting this test are licit, and those a4
not licit which have a single use and that a diabolic one, in idolatry, i
for instance.   Hence the sale of paper is not licit, nor the sale of
animal horns and heads, since these are ingredients for their magic
medicines. And it shouldjbe said: "So what ! Someone else will sell
these goods and they will continue td practise idolatry !" The people
wiho obtain these goods for the heathen are accessories to their sin.
I say the same thing when slaves procured unjustly are offered for sal .
"But if I don't buy them, their own people will kill them, because they
are witches ! " A poor argument, for as long as witches are vendible
they will be uncovered daily.                                           
I have already mentioned the king's gold, silver, etc. He keeps hi,
table )like a great lord, with nothing lacking in the way of the most
exotic and variegated delicacies, with wines to match and even spirits
Throughout /f.31v/ the year he has as much as he needs of the best (food
and drink), brought from the Canaries.i)   As for the local wine, each
between dawn and nine or ten o'clock a large number of bolis are broug
to him by the wine-tappers. They are placed under a tree and he goes oul
to inspect them and allocate them to sections of his household.    In s j
(h) Goods of no moral import can be sold to the heathen, but not those
goods which only serve them for the practice of their false religionzj|0
such as paper, etc.
(i) With silver tablewear and a silver water jug additionally gilded.
The table linen very rich and varied: like the rest of the table s      
(j) Many preserves, of the finest quality.
iid t


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