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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Chapter 4: The town of Cacheu, a place of treasure, and the condition of its population,   pp. 1-8

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that period there had been no capitgo de guerra (military commander) an4
no need for one, but immediately after (these events) Captain Bra's Soares
then the commander in Santiago Island, recommended for the post Diogo
Serrio.  This man, nine or ten years later, was killed when lending assis
ance against the Falupos, in support of D. Bernardo, the Christian king bi
the natives,(j) dying gloriously together with 20 of his companions and
some slaves. Death buried him but could not bury the memory of his hero
deeds (which lingered) in the traditions of those who came after.

Although peace was for a time agreed on and established, it dick
not last long. The heathen retained a capacity to behave unjustly and t4|
liberties of our people suffered greatly.   The nobles continued their
assaults, and they invented new chais (excuses for extortion) and sought
opportunities to start up wars again.   The settlers hid their feelings a4t
temporised as much as they could.   The heathen renewed their attacks on
the highways and they tied up their (? our) slaves, until our people coulj
longer put up with such unreasonable treatment and went to war again, wl41i
led to the heathen starting great fires.   Yet though fire is feared by akli
unthinking creation it showed respect and reverence for the house of the
sacred Virgin, which was not scorched in the least.   It was also, and st1f
is, a matter of intense admiration that not a single white man was killed
in military operations within the settlement, and only a few were killed
outside it.  Gain and favour are always dispensed as generously by a
kindly protector, such as that of Our Lady of Victory. /f.18/
(j)  D. Bernardo discouraged Serrao from going, because he considered
that the chances of failure were high: he did not give way to
him for reasons of self-interest, but those who know the history        l
best say that Serrao won (permission) and stopped the argument (?) |i




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