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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Chapter 2: The Kingdom of Jagau and the Grand Borçalo: the character of the land and people,   pp. [unnumbered]-4 ff.

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from being stolen as if they were hidden away in the most
secret places.  This is a country where the town-squares serve
as chests, which in astonishingas the land is impoverished. But
the reason'(for this honesty) Is the people's lack of commercial
contact:4with the pirates, a contact which is excessive in the case
of the people of the Cape and Porto //f.7v/ de Ale. Because the
land is not very well-off, the money from Moslem mints has not
reached here, and so the Berbecim do not possess this sect.
Their way of life is that general among the other heathen, they
are farmers, etc. In manners and outward appearance the Berbecim
is inferior to the Jalofo. But they are people of spirit and, war
being frequent, they enter and attack the Jalofo (land) valiantly
and retreat when they find their own land out of sight. For this
is densely forested, which overthrows those who follow hon horseback,
the wide woods with their thickets serving them as a refuge against
the enemy when they hide themselves in its secret places. The
kingdom does not possess the size and character of that of Lambaia,
Jagau putting in the field only 300 horsemen, more or less, and
2000 archers. I propose to conclude by expressing my gratitude
to this kingdom's port of Joala, earned by the spontaneous
by, 1.q~k
affection with which there welcome our vessels in its river,
which we have already described, and protect and defend them from
the greed of the Flemish and French scum.
Although the neighbouring kingdom seeks separate treatment,
nevertheless, since the material is brief and virtually an
appendix to what has gone before, it has seemed to me better to
carry on with what is here being offered. Reference to the
boundaries between Jagau and the Grand Borcalo give an indication
of the power (of the latter). This savage is so powerful that
there is none on the coast his superior or equal, either in the


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