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Alvares, Manuel, 1526-1583, et al. / Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone : (c. 1615)

Ethiopia Minor: a geographical description of the Province and Kingdom of the Jalofo Heathon, part I, chapter I: the location and fertility of the land, and the nature and occupations of its inhabitants,   pp. [unnumbered]-14 ff.

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Ile keeps a slave at the port as alcaide, as is commonly the case at
the ports of the other kings of this province. The alcaide acts as
receiver of the presents which all kinds of foreigners pay in return
for the water and other provisions required for their ships. The
coast (of this kingdom) runs SE from the Cape as far as Porto de Ale,
which now belongs to another Jalofo king. The port lies two leagues
beyond Cabo dos Mastos, to the SE, and in it there is a settlement of
Portuguese, some dozen or fifteen houses. This kingdom of Ancalhor(d)
is 34 leagues long, that is, from the Senegal River as far as Cabo
dos Mastos; and 22 or 23 leagues across, to where it meets (the
kingdom of) the Grand Jalofo. On the East it has a boundary with
the Fulos, with whom it is regularly at war, its king putting in the
field 800 mounted men who carry shields and a spear like a javelin
but shorter, because they are small men.e) This kingdom (of Porto de
Ale?) extends from the creek[sicas far as Ponta da Sereno, seven
leagues SE, that is, along the coast. And from Porto de Ale to
Labeia where the king lives is 12 or 13 leagues. The kingdom meets
on the Nif and North with the lands of the king of Ancalhor and on the
NE with (those of) the Grand Jalofo who formerly was emperor, the
lesser kings being subordinate /F.4/ to him since he had subjected
them wholly to his rule. But having made too much show of his power
he wholly lost it and some of his territories, so that today for this
reason his kingdom is the smallest and weakest of the three.   The
third kingdom (i.e.Lambaia) borders on the SE and South with one
called Berbecimf) and this kingdom of Lambaia is the most fertile
in the whole Jalofo province.
(d) Jabo, king of Ancalhor.
(e) 'Justice by the iron' in Jalofo is by running it hot along the
tongue three times.
(f)  Berbecim kingdom.


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